Every Day #FMSphotoaday

So today I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone.  Bird #1: I’ve decided to try this “photo a day” thing.  Well I have a problem with just choosing ONE photo so I’ll have more like 3 or 4 a day.  But anyway… each day of the month is a different theme or rule for your photo(s). Today was “every day” (hence the title of my post).  The object was to take a photo of my “every day”.  Since I’m graduated, broke and living in my parents’ house there are only about 3 parts to my every day: eat, sleep and reply to job posts.  None of those are very excited.  When I’m not eating, sleeping or sitting on the computer I’m literally just plain sitting… so I decided to a picture of me doing just that.  Bird #2: Face my fear of self portraits.  I managed to escape 3 self portrait assignments throughout college.  I took pictures of my feet or hands just to technically meet the requirements.  I don’t mind having my picture taken but I DO mind taking my own picture.  It’s a whole other ball game.  BUT here’s what I did… if the second photo looks a little blurry it’s probably because I didn’t realize I had my soft glow filter still on the lens… oops!




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